ECCI Secretariat Directive on the Outbreak of War, 8th September, 1939

G.M. Dimitrov

The current war is imperialist and unjust. The bourgeoisie of all the warring states is to be held responsible for it. This war cannot be supported by the working class of these countries, not to mention its communist parties. This war is not waged against fascism by the bourgeoisie despite the affirmations of Chamberlain and the leaders of social-democracy. This war takes place between two groups of capitalist countries for world domination. The international proletariat should not defend fascist Poland which had refused the assistance of the Soviet Union and which oppresses other nationalities.

The communist parties are against the Munichites since they always wanted to create a genuine anti-fascist front with the participation of the USSR, but the bourgeoisie of England and France pushed aside the USSR in order to wage a war of pillage.

This war has radically changed the situation: the division of the capitalist states between fascist and democratic is not in force any longer. As a result it is necessary to change tactics. The tactics of the communist party of the belligerent countries at this point is to expose its imperialist character, have communist deputies vote against war credits, tell the masses that the war will give nothing but privation and suffering. In the neutral countries the communist parties should expose those governments who on the one hand remain neutral in their country but on the other support the war in other countries in order to take advantage of it, as the government of the USA does with respect to Japan and China. The communist parties of all countries should be on the offensive against the treacherous stand of social-democracy. The communist parties, specially the French, American, and Belgian, who oppose these directives should immediately correct their political line.


A.N. Gordienko: ‘Iosif Stalin’, Minsk, 1998, pp. 281-82, from ‘Komintern i vtoraya mirovaya voina’, Part I, Moscow, 1994, Translated from the Russian by ‘Inter’. This Document is also available in Bulgarian: Georgi Dimitrov, ‘Dnevnik’, Sofia, 1997, pp. 182-83.

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