Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. VI, No. 2, September 2000

'Mother-Homeland', Monument to the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad at the Mamai Mound, Stalingrad.
E.V. Vuchetich, 1964-67. Concrete

Fifty-fifth Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany:

Pictures from the Anti-Fascist War

The Nazis and Monopoly Capital, Allan Merson

Speech at the Session of the Politbureau of the CC of the AUCP(b), 19th August 1939, J.V. Stalin

ECCI Secretariat Directive on the Outbreak of War, 8th September, 1939, G.M. Dimitrov

Man of the Year, 1942: Joseph Stalin: Die But Do Not Retreat, Time Magazine

Bonded Labour and the Tea Plantation Economy, Souparna Lahiri

Victory to the Lawyers’ Struggle, Mazdoor Mukti Sangharsh Samiti

Correlation of Classes in India, 1951, Institute of Oriental Studies, Academy of Sciences of the USSR

Two Last Conversations, Svetlana Allilueva

Socialist Realism, Jakup Mato, Rinush Idrizi, Vangjush Ziko, Anastas Kapurani

Short Story: The Colour, Samaresh Basu


Labour Movement in India as Reflected in the Indian Labour Year Book 1997, C.N. Subramaniam.

Planter Raj to Police Raj, Sanjay Barbora.

Marxism and Mr. Bettelheim, Sunil Sen.

Mumia Abu-Jamal and The World Proletarian Revolution, Ray O. Light.

The Class Essence of the War in Chechnya, Proletarskaya Gazeta.

Interview: The Revolutionary Struggle in Ecuador, Pablo Miranda.

The Transition in Western Sahara, Jagdish P. Sharma.

Fourth International Seminar on the Problem of the Revolution in Latin America.

Resolutions of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations Held in April, 2000.

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