Letters of Bhagat Singh - 2

Chaman Lal

Letter to aunt Hukam Kaur, widow of uncle Swarn Singh, in Punjabi language on 24.10.1921 (On Post Card)*

            1 Omkar


My Dear Aunt (Chachi ji)


I had gone to attend a rally to Lyalpur. I wanted to come to village, but Bapuji (Father) did not allow, so I could not come to village. Please forgive me, if I did any wrong. Portrait of Chacha Ji (Uncle Swarn Singh) is ready. I wanted to bring it along, but it was not complete then, so please forgive me. Kindly reply early. My reverence to elder aunt. My reverence to mother. Namaste to Kulbir and Kultar (younger brothers).

Your son

Bhagat Singh

**Translatorís (Chaman Lal) note:

This letter was written by Bhagat Singh at the age of fourteen years to his younger aunt in Punjabi. Bhagat Singh had learnt Punjabi language in 1921 by his own efforts, inspired by Nankana Sahib Morcha, the volunteers of which passed through his village and Bhagat Singh used to serve food (langar) to them. He was not taught Punjabi in school, where he had good command over Urdu, which was the medium of instruction in those days.

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