Letters of Bhagat Singh - 3

Letter to Lahore authorities to release belongings. Contents of the letter are self explanatory. Letter is typed on Bhagat Singh’s father S. Kishan Singh’s letterhead, who was an insurance agent in Lahore. (Chaman Lal)

CHIEF AGENT FOR             Tele{gram:- "Himmassure" Lahore
The UP PUNJAB & N.W.F Province phone:-

Punjab Chief Agency
Ref. No.------- Dated-------------192


I was arrested on 29th of May 1927 under section 302 I.P.C. and was detained in the Police custody for five weeks. I was released on bail on 4th of July 1927. Since then I have never been called by the police or any court to stand my trial under the said section (written in hand) and so I presume that you have completed your investigation and found nothing against me and (written in hand) have practically withdrawn the case. Under the circumstances I request you to kindly return all the things that were taken from my body at the time of my arrest and to inform me when and where to see you for the said purpose.

An early favour will highly oblige.

Your etc. (Written in hand)

                        Sd/ Sadiq Ali Shah
                        D/ 2-5-29
(written in hand)

Read out, admitted in evidence and added to Special Tribunal Lahore Conspiracy Case File.

J. Coldstream
Special Tribunal

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