Letters of Bhagat Singh - 1

1. Letter to grandfather Arjun Singh in Urdu on 27-7-1919 on post card*


Respected Dada Ji, namaste

I state humbly that I am well and wish your well being from Shri Narayan ji. The state of affairs here is that our six monthly exams. Are over, which started in July. Many boys failed in Maths., so the math. Exam will be held again on 9th August. Everything else is fine. When are you coming. Tell Bhayia ji (father) that I have cleared all papers in six monthly examinations. Namaste to Mataji (mother) chachi (aunt), elder aunt. Kultar Singh (younger brother) had fever on 24th night and 25th July evening. Now he is o.k. Do not worry about anything.

                                                        Yours obediently

                                                        Bhagat Singh

Note of Translator (Chaman Lal)

This is second letter of Bhagat Singh to his grandfather, which is now available. First available letter of Bhagat Singh is also written to his grandfather in Urdu only. Bhagat Singh’s handwriting is available in three languages- Urdu, Punjabi and English. He was prolific writer in Hindi too.

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