On the Current Situation in Palestine

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine officially condemns the position of the current U.S. administration and the worthless political barometer it uses to wrathfully oppose the Palestinian people, and the ugly American Government’s alignment on the side the of the bloody war which the war criminal Ariel Sharon and his military are executing with the most advanced arms, and the latest models of weapons manufactured by U.S. military industries.

The position of the Bush Administration to a certain extent has lost morality (as it pridefully tunes itself with the brutal abuse of power of the rulers of Israel); the D.F.L.P. believes that the arrogant and brutal abuse of power has made Washington lose the trust of not only the Palestinian people and the people of other Arab nations, but also all the peoples of the third world and immense sectors of the masses of supporters of justice, equality and a balanced peace; you can see that Washington sees the splinter in the sight of the Palestinian side yet ignores the stack of wood in the sight of the Israeli side. This proves the one-sidedness of the American policies which agree with its alliances and its interests while marginalizing principle, law, and the international resolutions and rights of the people.

The Administration of Bush ignores the crimes, the killing, the destruction of houses, the undercutting of crops, and the besieging of Palestinian citizens. Humiliation and the obligation to starve is what the majority of this people are facing because of the culpability of the right-wing extremist regime of Ariel Sharon and his military and its decision to use force of any kind along with American pressure. This example of the U.S. Government’s behaviour toward oppressed peoples is very visible; attempting to shut up and neutralize the position and support in the Arab region and the world for the struggle of the Palestinian people for the sake of freedom. So that foolish policy of intimidation will blow up in the face of the U.S. Administration sooner or later!

Central Press Committee
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
January 31, 2002

How much aggression can there be? We remember the Bloody Usurper Moshe Dayan who was before Sharon, who said, during the escalation of the Palestinian Resistance Movement, ‘I’ll put this Resistance in the palm of my hand then crush it like an egg’... But Dayan died and the egg produced the Intifada and the resistance... And it will finish the bloody Sharon, his Administration and his Godfather the Imperialist Bush...

Long Live the Intifada!

Long Live the Palestinian National Resistance Commandos (D.F.L.P.)!

Long Live the Palestinian National and Islamic Forces!

Palestine Education Committee
New York-New Jersey Chapters

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