Hands Off Albania

On the initiative of the India-Albania Friendship Association a demonstration of 40 persons was held at the United States Embassy in New Delhi, on 14th May, 1997 against the decision of the United Nations to send troops into Albania for 'humanitarian assistance'. This action has been supported by the USA, the European Union, and NATO. Troops are being provided by Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Rumania. Military intervention took place at a time when the ruling government headed by president Berisha had lost the confidence of the people and when the people's committees controlled the southern part of the country. The memorandum presented by a 5-man delegation to the U.S. Embassy stated the following:

Imperialist troops have landed in Albania professedly to provide 'humanitarian assistance'. This military intervention has been sanctioned by the United Nations under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. It has been requested by President Sali Berisha who has lost the support of the Albanian people. Imperialist intervention has been supported the European Union and NATO. Imperialism covets the oil and copper of Albania. Let us recall that exactly 58 years ago Mussolini's armed forces occupied Albania.

Imperialist intervention is also taking place to stem the tide of social revolt in Albania. Southern Albania has thrown off the rule of Berisha and has established the power of the people's committees. The immediate background to the popular rebellion is the collapse of the pyramid investment schemes which have robbed the working class of some 3 million dollars. The basic cause of the insurrection is the restoration of capitalism which has led to deindustrialisation and the entry of US and Italian capital. The achievements of half a century of socialism have been undermined by the closure of factories, hospitals and cultural organisations. Today there is massive unemployment and the flight of six lakh economic refugees from the country. A political crisis was engendered by the rigging of the General Elections of May, 1996.

For half a century Albania was a beacon of socialism in the world for the working class and democratic movement. Today the Albanian working class is struggling against imperialism and the local bourgeoisie. At this time of grave crisis the working class, the democratic and the anti-imperialist forces in India call for solidarity with the Albanian working class and declare:

Hands off Albania!
No military Intervention!

A large number of organisations and individuals had signed the above declaration including:

Santosh Rana, General Secretary, PCC CPI (ML)
Lal Singh, General Secretary. CGPI
Biswajit Chakravorty, General Secretary, Bhartiya Shramik Sabha
Ashim Roy, Additional General Secretary, Hind Mazdur Kisan Panchayat
Mukut Singh Chutia, General Secretary, URMCA (Assam)
P.K. Shahi, A.I.F.T.U.
Prakash Rao, Mazdur Ekta Committee
Ranjana Padhi, Saheli
Sucharita, Purogami Mahila Sangathan
C.N. Subramaniam, Editor, Revolutionary Democracy
Subhash Gatade, Editor, Lok Dasta
P.S. Sahni, Aids Bhedbhava Virodhi Andolan
Gautam Navlakha, Delhi
Vasanthi Raman, Delhi
Moni Guha, Editor, Proletarian Path
Subha Chattopadhyaya, Editor, Rourab
M. Stephen, Trivandrum
Anil, Democratic Students Union
K.S. Singh, Navjanvadi Shikshak Morch
Vinod Khorana, Left and Democratic Teachers' Forum
Tapas Ranjan Saha, All-India Students' Association
S.C. Kaushik, Nav Chetna Path, Delhi
Shanti Devi, D.J.J.N.A.A.
Shiv Kant, Charwak
Piyush Kanti Mukherjee, Delhi
Jagdish Bhardwaj, Fellowship of Blood Donors
Tripta Wahi, Forum for Democratic Struggle
Arun Kumar Singh, Indian People's Study Group, Delhi
V.P. Singh, A.P. Securitas Employees Union, Delhi
Mrinal Kanti Mukherjee, Rainbow Publishers
Amrit Lal Chakravarti, Government Aided Teachers' Association, Delhi
Ajay Kaul, Sangharshsheel Mazdur Samiti
Siddartha, CPI (ML) Liberation
Tarkeshwar Ojha, Patna
Nand Kishore Singh, CPI (ML) Nai Pahal
Narendra Kumar, CPI (ML) Janpratirodha, Bihar
Shakti Kumar, Sarvahara Chetna Kendra
Ashok, Khabarnama Hal-Filhal
Ram Kavindra Singh, CPI (ML) Red Flag
Sunil Sen, Centre for Marxism-Leninism
Priyadarshani, Janmukti Sanghharsh Vahini

India-Albania Friendship Association

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