Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. XX, No. 1, April, 2014

Based on a Woodcut by Chittoprasad

Title-leaf to ‘Mayakovsky on America’, 1951,
Boris Ivanovich Prorokov.
GDP Growth and Deepening Inequality: A Lesson for India, Dr. N. Bhattacharyya

The Kashmir Question, Mohammad Shafi Khan

Limitless Joy of Terror, Jawed Naqvi

Independent Inquiry into the Muzaffarnagar Riots, Mohan Rao, Ish Mishra, Pragya Singh, Vikas Bajpai

On the Murder of T. P. Chandrasekharan, Appukkutan Vallikunnu

Corruption Plagues the CPI (M) too, Prasenjit Bose

The Urban Assertion by North-East Immigrants in Delhi, Dr. Malem Ningthouja

Reforming Delhi Jal Board as the Public Water Utility and Protecting the Right to Water, Dr. Omkar Mittal

The Conditions of Construction Workers in Delhi, Nirman Mazdoor Shakti Sangh

State of the Contemporary Russian Workforce, Tahir Asghar

Pakistan: Ending the Bondage of Kiln Workers, Shaukat Chaudry

Interview with the Former Officer of the CIA, Robert Baer, Milos Cupurdija

The Soviet Woman – a Full and Equal Citizen of her Country, Alexandra Kollontai

A Discussion on Some Questions of Socialism with Nirmalangshu Mukherji

A Discussion on Aspects of the Economic Relations of People’s China

Meeting to Commemorate the 96th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Press Release: Formation of Stalin Society, India

Obituary: Meer Sultan Sangati Has Also Left Us, Shaukat Chaudry

Condolence: Iris Cremer (1943-2014), Stalin Society, India

Chin Peng’s Letter of Farewell

Central African Republic: New military occupation by French imperialism, La Forge

Joint Communique of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the Ivory Coast and the Communist Party of Benin

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Information Concerning the Current Rebellion in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Red Action (Croatia)

NATO’s Favourite Social Democrat Dog of War, Communist Platform (Marxist-Leninist)

Ukraine: Statement of Communist, Left-Wing and Patriotic Left Forces of Russia on the Situation in the Ukraine

Ukraine: Imperialist Powers Vying for Ukraine, Luiz Falcao

Venezuela: 2014, a Year of Decisive Clashes, Acero Revolucionario

Venezuela: The Right Conspires While the Government Does Not Solve the People’s Problems, En Marcha

Two Letters on the Case of the Harikishan Trial (January-February 1931), Bhagat Singh

On Nehru, Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, M.N. Roy, and Bhagat Singh in the Struggle for Independence (2nd June, 1931), League Against Imperialism

Draft of the Programme of the Communist Party of India (15th February, 1951)

‘Trotsky and Leninism’, Two Letters of Leon Trotsky of 1913 and 1921

Let Us Unite Around the Central Committee of the Party, N. Krupskaya

The Relations of Leon Trotsky and the U.S. State 1939¬1940: Documents

Record of the Talk between Com. Stalin and the Ambassador of Afghanistan, Sultan Ahmed Khan, June 6th, 1946

Record of the Conversation of Comrade Stalin with Zhou Enlai, (20 August 1952)

Tikon Khrennikov: the Victories and Defeats of Soviet Music, A. Markov and V Jerboa

Poem: Russia, Miguel Hernandez

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