International Declaration All-Union Communist Workers' Guard (Bolshevik)

Revolutionary Marxism-Leninism advances on the basis of the creative activity of millions. The reply of the working class to the current bourgeois counter-revolutionary and imperialist wars will be new mighty proletarian socialist revolutions and civil wars for socialism which will save mankind from the atomic annihilation of imperialism.

The new consistent and resolute advance of the working class and the working masses needs the leadership of the Marxist-Leninist Party of professional proletarian revolutionaries. The International Conference in Ecuador last year circulated a call for struggle against and victory over imperialism to the workers and peoples of the world: 'A Communist Declaration to the Workers and Peoples of the World' kindled the torch of international unity of workers and revolutionaries of all countries.

The All-Union Communist Workers' Guards (Bolshevik), the AUCWG(B), the proletarian Party of professional Bolshevik revolutionaries, declares that it will put into practise the call 'A Communist Declaration to the Workers and Peoples of the World', as it is based on the principles of materialist science and the revolutionary practise of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Hoxha.

We will struggle for the non-peaceable proletarian socialist revolution, for the revolutionary dictatorship of the working class in the superstructure and the revolutionary conquest over commodity production in the basis. We will struggle against the heirs of Khrushchevism-Brezhnevism and the hidden reformists and demagogues, the agents of the bourgeoisie in the workers' movement.

We, the All-Union Communist Workers Guard (Bolshevik), organised unitedly, subscribe to the 'Communist Declaration to the Workers and Peoples of the World' and declare that we will continue the cause of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Hoxha, the cause of the proletarian socialist revolution and proletarian socialism.

Central Leadership,
June, 1995

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