Down With Zionist Occupation and Aggression, Long Live Intifada!

On 28 June 2006, Gaza Strip in Palestine was bombed and occupied by Israeli tanks and warplanes. 60 people including 8 ministers, 24 deputies and also mayors from Palestine were kidnapped through dirty war methods. The central power plant of electricity in Gaza was totally destroyed. The infrastructure of Palestine was demolished. Civil people were deprived of water.

The Israeli Zionism tries to acquit this attack and occupation claiming that their aim was to find the kidnapped Israeli soldier. But this is neither the first attack of Israel nor this pretext has anything to do with reality.

This attack was realised by the support of US imperialism and the silent approval of the EU and the other imperialists.

This attack and occupation aims to make the elected Hamas government ineffective.

They are trying to re-occupy Gaza Strip which they had to leave as a result of pressure and the resistance of the Palestinian people.

They are preparing to make the new Palestinian governments and the leaders of Hamas the targets of new assassinations.

The finding of the kidnapped Israeli soldier which had been the pretext of the US-Israeli aggression aroused a great reflection among the imperialist press and all over the world. But unfortunately the situation of Ahmad Saadat, leader of the P.F.L.P. and his friends who had been kidnapped recently, the kidnapping of about 64 Palestinians, the fact that 10 thousand Palestinian prisoners including 300 children were kept in prison for many years did not cause any reflection or attention.

But the imperialist and the colonialist occupying forces can no longer realise everything they say or expect in the Middle East. The will, the force and the resistance of the peoples who do not obey them hinder and interrupt their strategic interests and policies.

As the history has witnessed many times, all the occupying forces have sooner or later been defeated and thrown out by the resistance of the oppressed peoples who shed their blood and sweat upon their land. And again in Iraq and Palestine, the resistance will be the one who wins.

The Anti-Imperialist Struggle Coordination of the Middle East which consists of the progressive, revolutionary and communist parties of the Middle East condemns this vicious attack and occupation which has been realized on the basis of imperialist-Zionist collaboration, and calls all the revolutionary parties and forces of the region to fight against this aggression and occupation and to be in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Long live the united anti-imperialist struggle of the Middle Eastern peoples!

The Anti-Imperialist Struggle Coordination of the Middle East

Maoist Communist Party (Turkey/Northern Kurdistan)
Communist Party of Turkey-Spark
Marxist Leninist Communist Party (Turkey/Northern Kurdistan)
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)
Arab Platform in Berlin

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