Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. XXIII, No. 1, September, 2017

Gauri Lankesh 1962-2017
The Gorakhpur Tragedy – a Case of Criminal Negligence, New Trade Union Initiative

Letter on the Maruti Question, Proletarskaya Gazeta

Continuing Pursuit of Fiscal Consolidation and Undermining Social Development: Union Budget 2017-2018, K.B. Saxena

The ‘post-truth’ of Globalisation: Finance Capitalism and the Naga Question, Dr. Malem Ningthouja

Religious Majoritarianism and Commercial Interests Drive the Attack against the Rohingyas, Gautam Mody

Genocide of Rohingyas in Myanmar: the Hindutva Imprints, Shamsul Islam

State Expects Dead Dalit Girl to Prove She was Violated and Killed?, Asha Kowtal and Jenny Rowena

Countering Hate Politics, Simin Akhter Naqvi

Book Review: The Story of Independent India: Capitalist Accumulation Grapples with Semi Feudal Dis-Accumulation, Nasir Tyabji

We Reject Imperialist Intervention in Venezuela and Condemn Reactionary Violence, ICMLPO

Secessionism in Iraqi Kurdistan under the Banner of Referendum, in the Service of Imperialist and Zionist Interests, Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

On the Events in Catalonia, Communist Party of Spain ML

Centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution:

The October Revolution: Not the Past but the Future, Dr Taner Timur and Nuray Sancar

The Importance of the October Revolution for Women’s Liberation, Dorte Grenaa

The October Revolution and Educational Transformation, C.N. Subramaniam

The October Revolution of 1917 and the National Question: New Writings, J.V. Stalin

Final Declaration of the 21st International Seminar: Problems of the Revolution in Latin America

Naxalbari after 50 years:

Unfinished Revolution, Santosh Rana

Sources of Incorrect Ideas in Revolutionary Politics, Parimal Dasgupta

Interview of Stalin, (June 28, 1935), Romain Rolland

Letter to Comrade D.N. Aidit on the Question of the Survivals of Feudalism and the National Front (February 16, 1953), J.V. Stalin

On "Decolonisation" Theory

The Song of Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh

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