Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. XX, No. 2, September, 2014

Gaza, 2014
Gravestone of J.V. Stalin, Batumi Stalin Museum          
The Re-Emergence of the National Liberation Movement in South Africa, Raul Martinez

Agrarian Crisis: Life at Stake in Rural India, Jaya Mehta, Vineet Tiwari and Roshan Nair

The Relevance of the Left has Increased, M. Rajan

The Rajasthan Amendments to Labour Law will Create Many More Bhopal Gas Tragedies, Gautam Mody

Private Corporations Bankrupting Public Sector Banks, Research Collective of the Programme for Social Action

The Labyrinth of the Neo-Liberal Crisis: the Indian State and its Instrument of Peace, Dr. Malem Ningthouja

The Rhetoric of Inclusion and the Practice of Exclusion: the Gujarat Special Investment Region Act, 2009, Persis Ginwalla

An Open Letter to Comrade Ganapathi, General Secretary, CPI (Maoist), Sumanta Banerjee

Correspondence: B.P. Singh

New: The Ghadar Movement Re-Assessed, Kiran Lal

Press Release: International Stalin Society Formed

Current State of Women’s Rights, Shamim Chaudry

A Critique of Post-Feminist Media Representations, Amna Hafeez Mobeen

Tunisia: 4th National Congress of the Workers’ Party Held

It is a Human Duty to Resist ISIS and to Defend Rojova, Labour Party, Turkey

No to the Anti-Social, Anti-Democratic and Militarist European Union, ICMLPO Europe

Problems of the Revolution in Latin America: The Current International Situation and the Tasks of the Revolutionaries

Statement of the 15th Meeting of the Marxist-Leninist Parties of Latin America

Statement on the 20th Anniversary of the ICMLPO

New: Trotsky’s ‘Exile’ and Social Democracy, Clara Zetkin

New: Gramsci Rejected the Ideas of Trotsky, Jose Antonio Egido

New: Letter of the Political Bureau of the PCI to the CC of the RCP, (October 1926), Antonio Gramsci

New: Thank You, Father! March, 1956, the Streets of Tbilisi, A. Yakubov

New: Letter to Comrade Johnson on the Left-Swarajists, Individual Terrorism and the Hindu-Muslim Question (August 6, 1926), J.V. Stalin

New: Meeting of S.A. Dange with ‘Trud’ Newspaper, Moscow (8th September, 1947)

New: On the Passing Away of Marshal Stalin (March 6th, 1953), J. Nehru and S. Radhakrishnan

New: Letter of Jiang Ching to Mao Zedong (13th June 1949)

New: From the Speech at the Reception for the Chinese Delegation (27th June 1949), J.V. Stalin

New: Record of the Conversation of Comrade Stalin with Zhou Enlai (3rd September, 1952)

New: Mao Zedong on J.V. Stalin in 1956, N.G. Bitacora

New: Palestine: Two Poems and a Song, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, El Hachmi Rhrissi, and Julia Boutros (6 p.)

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