Comrade Stella Delifoti passed away

On July 6 the EAM-ELAS fighter and the glorious Democratic Army of Greece (DSE) guerilla Comrade Stella Delifoti died and buried in her village. She left her last breath in Athens, where she lived after the return from Poland.

Comrade Stella was born in 1926 in the village of Dress Pella, where she grew up.

During the triple fascist occupation (1941-44) of the country by the German-Italian-Bulgarian troops she fought against the invaders in the ranks of EAM-ELAS. She organized in her village in National Liberation Front (EAM) in October 1942 and took active part in the struggle of our people.

After the liberation of our country and the treacherous Varkiza agreement, with peak the delivery of arms, she was expelled, along with tens of thousands of fighters "from the state of the intolerant right”, as she reported in a self-biographical note: "I crawled to prison, was beaten and reviled."

Later, following the new blare invitational (1946) of the Revolutionary Communist Party, by its great leader communist leader Nikos Zachariadis, she came to the mountains and fought from the ranks of the glorious and heroic Democratic Army of Greece (DSE) the local monarch-fascists and the American imperialists.

After the decline of DSE she went as a political refugee in the great country of socialism, the Soviet Union of the great Stalin, in the city of Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, where she worked in production. She took yet active part in party life and she always faithfully and consistently defending the revolutionary line of the Communist Party.

During the open, raw and brutal intervention of the traitorous clique of Khrushchev-Brezhnev-Mikogian etc. to our heroic Party in September of '55, comrade Stella Delifoti actively defended the line of the Communist Party and its Central Committee against a handful of right-wing opportunists traitors of the clique Demetriou-Chatouras-Rossis-Tsolakis etc.

In the bloody conflict in Tashkent (9-10 September 1955), which was directed by the Khrushchevit revisionists and was instrumented by minimum opportunists, she was arrested for defending the revolutionary line by the Soviet Security, along with many hundreds of communist ELAS-DSE guerillas and incarcerated for months in the fascist Khrushchev-Brezhnev dungeons of Tashkent.

After her release, she continued her revolutionary activities like always and kept actively following the revolutionary line and obstinately defending the revolutionary path of Stalin-Zachariadis.

She was expelled, like thousands of communists, but actively continuing the struggle against Khrushchevit revisionism both in Tashkent and later inPoland.

Returning to Greece from exile she continued the struggle against Khrushchevit revisionism, associated with the "Movement for Reorganization of the Communist Party 1918-55”, disseminate and always defended the revolutionary line of Stalin-Zachariadis.

Despite her health problems which she had last year, she never lost her optimism and enviable fighting spirit/

The communist Delifoti Stella was one of those fighters who her companions and comrades appreciated the militancy in the struggle for the interests of the working class and her consistency to the revolutionary communist principles. She was an uncompromising defender of the revolutionary work of Stalin-Zachariadis and all Communist guerillas with courage and frank behavior.

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