Comrade Ubaldo Buttafava Has Died!

The tragic news caught us unaware. The heart of a man has suddenly stopped beating. Communist  forever.

Since his youth he was in the conscious vanguard of the working class, attentive of the interest and ideology of the struggle for the emancipation of all the peoples.

His political activity was full of obstacles, every one of which he overcame with the same resolve.

He is the last of the true professional revolutionaries who belongs to the generation of the classics.

A tireless organiser, thoughtful, deep in his analysis, which exposed all the enemies of Marxism-Leninism, the enemies of human kind, a soldier in the army of Lenin and Stalin, a firm fighter.

Kindness is the invincible and everlasting engine of the communist.

With endless love he sacrificed everything, not for himself, but for the political struggle, against all mystification adopted by the enemies of the class of producers.

Simple in his life-style, coherent, crystal pure was his love for the freedom of the entire human kind.

May 9th of 2007 was the day on which he left his testimony to which he has dedicated his entire life, like the ideological Stalingrad against capitalism.

Ubaldo Buttafava is his name, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Organisation for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy.

His work is in our hearts and our struggle; to him we give our Enverist salute!

Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy

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