Resolution on the Events in Nandigram
(16th March, 2007)

Delhi University Teachers’ Association

The DUTA strongly condemns the state violence in Nandigram.

A situation of coercion and terror has been created in Nandigram, West Bengal which has led to the death of at least 14 people and some 200 people injured.  The matters reached this stage as a contingent of 5000 armed personnel from the police and the paramilitary Rapid Action Force and Combat Commando Force attacked the area in the name of  ‘Operation Nandigram’.

This has come as a coercive measure in the face of the local movement of a multi-party character, headed by the Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee (Committee to Prevent Farmland Eviction) by the people of Nandigram against the apprehended forceful land acquisition for proposed SEZ (Salim Group, Indonesia) in the area.

It is shocking that the violence in Nandigram has been imposed despite the government claiming that there would be no forcible establishment of an SEZ in this area.

This is the second instance of violence in this area. The first being in January when 6 people were killed.

Nandigram is part of a pattern of events in India where ‘industrialisation’ is taking place for the benefits of the corporate houses.  We consider that just and equitable industrialisation leads to development.

The opening up of the territories in India to corporates to decide the location and setting of a plant without the participation and consent of the people of the area is undemocratic and unacceptable.

Amar Deo Sharma

Sanjay Tyagi

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