On the Emergency in Pakistan

Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaaz

President Pervaiz Musharraf has imposed a state of emergency in the country, suspending certain provisions of the Constitution, under the Provisional Constitution Order.

Prior to this, the president announced the withdrawal of all corruption charges pending in the National Accountability Bureau and courts against politicians.

During the entire process, the contradictions between the exploiting classes have been brutally exposed. These classes, besides exploiting the masses, also fight among themselves. This is similar to the disputes between imperialist powers that fight to keep the countries under their control, and thus lead them also into wars.

It is to be noted that the different groups who are fighting amongst themselves to exploit the masses are now being directed by American imperialism, not to fight but to compromise on power sharing and continue to remain under American influence.

On the other hand, the working people of Pakistan have been continuously exploited in the last 60 years. The imposition of emergency or Martial Law, or even the so-called democratic dispensation would not make any difference to them, and they will remain under exploitation.

As in the past, when the country now goes to poll for the next election, the same exploiting classes with new faces would be elected to the parliament without bringing any change in the system.

Would anyone in the new elected parliament ever voice concern on any issue of the masses?

Would anyone talk about the demolition of feudalism in the country?

Would the working class get their rights under the provisions of the International Labour Organisation?

And would the parliament levy taxation on the income of feudal lords?

No, no such thing would happen.

This rotten feudal system would continue as it is, and the exploiting, reactionary constitution would remain intact and new planning to exploit the masses would be made in the new parliament.

This would go on till such time that a correct political line, free of opportunism is not adopted, and the working people and peasantry, are not organised to wage a revolutionary struggle, to demolish the reactionary parliament from within and outside, and a new parliament is elected with the votes of the working people, only then the problems of the exploited masses would be redressed.

Till such time, the exploiting classes would remain fighting amongst themselves, with the masses toiling under them.

24th November 2007

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