Communiqué of the Central Committee of the CP of Mexico (M-L)
About the Events in Oaxaca

The revolutionary and democratic process is advancing, driving the forces of reaction, the forces of fascism, the capitalist state to take measures against the people. But these measures have not been able to weaken our spirits; on the contrary, provoking the repudiation of millions and millions of the oppressed of Mexico against its actions and leading our organization to form what will be the United Front against the financial oligarchy.

Thus, the financial oligarchy is unable to resolve the great problems of Mexico, since it is the cause of them; it is trying with its forces of occupation to stop and suppress this revolutionary and democratic process for the benefit of the monopolies and the imperialists, to increase the degree of exploitation and oppression already exacerbated.

The lessons of the heroic people of Oaxaca in their long march and their firm resistance to the fascist offensive without doubt mark a new interpretation of the national reality that is much clearer and more extensive about what the capitalist system means, what the subjection of Mexico to neocolonialism represents, what the Plan Puebla Panama, the Free Trade Treaty, what all the garbage of the bourgeois international tourism business leads to, the protection of the bosses and landlords and the defense of the prison-factories of millions of proletarians.

Oaxaca is now an inspiration for the working class and the whole Mexican people, they have been subjected to the ruin and oppression of the bourgeoisie and its parties, they are now suffering the atrocious repression of the regime simply for demanding freedom, democracy, better conditions of life; in response the financial oligarchy has done nothing but maneuver and plot to keep things as they are, showing the roles of the State, its institutions, political parties and means of communication, showing us at the same time the need for proletarian revolution.

The actions of the financial oligarchy and its State toward the social problem in Oaxaca are part of the policies with which they want to bind the whole Mexican people; there are people like Ulises Ruiz in all the states of the republic under all colors (yellow, blue and tricolor) [this refers to the colors of the three main bourgeois parties in Mexico, the PRI, PAN and PRD – translator’s note], but in Oaxaca they ran into organized resistance and class consciousness, and therefore they are trying to drown this people in blood.

The dictatorship of capital is what the Preventive Federal Police is defending in Oaxaca and nothing else, the big businesses are the ones that support Fox with his pressure on the peoples, the handing over of the country to imperialism is the program of Cauldron, the disposal of the resources of the people for the bourgeoisie is the objective of Ulises Ruiz and the class he represents, these are the questions at issue in Oaxaca and in the whole country. Therefore the struggle should now be spread widely and deeply in the mountains, on the coast, in the countryside and the cities, in all parts of our country.

The attack of the public forces against the peoples of Oaxaca also means the defeat of bourgeois democracy, its unmasking and the total advent of fascism as it is impossible for the bourgeoisie to continue ruling the way it has until now; that is why there is so much military investment, their attempts to subject a humble people so that all the exploited and oppressed do not dare to question the present order of things.

But things are not developing the way the financial oligarchy hoped, and thus it is further risking its credibility, its own regime faced with the general repudiation, thus all that remains is for the bourgeoisie to throw itself into the arms of the imperialists totally and finally; step by step, inch by inch in the streets of the city of Oaxaca, the supporters of Fox, the imperialists, the financial oligarchy and its servile parties are confronting the repudiation of their system, and above all the declaration of war of this people fed up with the misery and exploitation which have kept them subjugated.

In particular the repression of the regime and the form in which this tendency was consolidated through the Senate and the leading structures of the PRI, PAN and PRD show clearly that all the forces of capitalism are colluding to maintain the system of the predominance of private property.

Likewise, the various tendencies of the so-called human face of capitalism are shown as effective [apparently "ineffective" is meant – translator’s note] to suffocate fascism, the foundation of the maximization of profits and of the regime of capitalist democracy itself; they all show their inability to resolve the economic, political and social problems, they reveal that none of the old social-democratic policies whether they call themselves leftist, neo-liberal, national bourgeois, or patriotic are enough to put the class instinct of the working masses to sleep.

Therefore, our Party and the FPR [Revolutionary Popular Front] call for the popular resistance and for an offensive against the bourgeois regime, for the defense of our social interests, for a people’s government of the workers and poor peasants.

Stop the Repression!
PFP [Federal Preventative Police] Out Of Oaxaca!
Proletarians of all Countries, Unite!
Only Socialist Revolution Is Change!

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