Iberian-American Summit

To Unmask the Reactionary Regimes,
To Not Believe in Siren Songs,
To Not Fall into Illusions

In a few days the so-called "Iberian-American Summit" will take place in Chile, when the various leaders of the governments of so-called Ibero-America will shake hands. Among others, the Spanish monarchists, the fascist Uribe of Colombia, those who speak to the left "to the gallery" but rule for the monopolies, for the right-wing, such as the government of M. Bachelet in our country or Lula in Brazil, will attend. There will also be present those who represent democratic forces, for national sovereignty and for the granting of social demands of a popular character, such as are the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. Each of these will use the "Summit" in their own way, and according to their interests.

The truth is that in the last decades there have been hundreds of "summits" and meetings which, besides spending the resources created by the workers and peoples of their respective countries, at best have only served to make nice sounding statements and to show that there is national and social inequality within our countries, the majority of times so glaringly represented.

Among the "participants" will be some whose regimes are a monument to all that is anti-democratic, that is fascist, such as that of Uribe of Colombia, a country in which a dirty war against the workers and popular movement is taking place, where the State apparatuses, together with the drug trafficking assassins, murder trade union and social leaders; the numbers of these murders are so high that they are more than in the thousands and one does not know exactly how many there are. There will also be representatives of the Spanish monarchy, which was imposed by blood and fire by the fascist Francisco Franco and which today, from its golden throne, oppresses the communists, workers and peoples of Spain.

We must demand that in Colombia the assassinations of popular and revolutionary leaders be stopped, we demand freedom for Francisco Caraballo, leader of the Communist Party of Colombia (Marxist-Leninist) and commander of the Popular Army of Liberation EPL and of all political prisoners, that in Spain Fina García be immediately set free; she is a member of the Communist Party of Spain (reconstituted) who has spent 24 years in prison and has completed “her” sentence and who is in a serious state of health, and freedom to all political prisoners. We must urgently show our solidarity with the anti-monarchy demonstrators in Catalonia, who have been violently repressed by the Spanish State apparatus, as well as with the fighters of the heroic Basque people who are seeking their self-determination.

Although there is sufficient material to fill pages for solidarity with the countless popular struggles, in practically all the countries whose governments will be at the Iberian-American Summit, we name two of the most urgent, but this does not mean that we do not remember all the others, such as the hunger strike being carried out by representatives of the Mapuche people, imprisoned by the capitalist State and for the imperialists in Chile, which the neo-liberals of the Concertation, headed by M. Bachelet, administer with so much care.

We call on the genuine progressives, patriots and revolutionaries to unmask the "Iberian-American Summit", to sow no kind of illusions in it, to work for the brotherhood of the peoples, for the coordination of the workers and popular struggles against the common imperialist enemy, to trust in our own forces, the only guarantee of national and social liberation for our peoples.

Political Secretariat of the Central Committee of the
Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

Santiago, Chile, November 6, 2007

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