We Condemn the Imperialist-Zionist ‘Democratic’ Coup d’Etat! 


Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the self-ruling Palestinian Authority, dissolved the legal government of Ismail Haniyeh on June 15, 2007. Abbas appointed Salam Fayyad to form a new government without any Hamas membership. The US President George Bush immediately congratulated Abbas and declared that the US would start relations with the new government of Palestine and that the embargo against Palestine would be ended. George Bush sent a message to Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert asking him to restart his relation with Abbas and to cooperate with the newly formed ‘democratic’ government led by Fayyad. The imperialist EU immediately declared that it will restart its normal relation with the new Abbas government and will lift the sanction on Palestine too. All western imperialist news media shamelessly congratulated Abbas’s illegal and anti-democratic coup d’etat against the National Unity government of Prime Minister Haniyeh and encouraged the Fatah Faction to suppress and completely disarm the Hamas Movement.

It is clear that the dissolution of the Palestinian National Unity government and the formation of the emergency government headed by Salam Fayyad is a by-product of dirty and sinister imperialist plots that are carried out directly by the US and Israel in order to push aside and disarm Hamas. The bloody fight between Hamas and Fatah in recent days and the all-sided support for Abbas – who has been a tool in the hands of the US and Israel for several years and who has betrayed the Palestinian cause – are the result of the criminal policies implemented by the US imperialists, the Israeli Zionists, and the imperialist EU. Despite all their differences in looking at the Palestinian problem, the imperialist powers are united in the destruction of the movement for independence of the Palestinian nation. All the imperialist powers talk about peace between Palestine and Israel, but their mouths are shut about the continuous Israeli military attacks on Palestine and the slaughter of men, women, and youths in that land. They all justify, in a diplomatic language, the occupation and killings. They all talk about ‘free and democratic’ elections but they do not have slightest respect for the decisions, votes, and desires of the Palestinian nation. These imperialist vultures called for Palestinian national elections under the observation of the ‘competent’ international representatives, but when the result of the elections were not in their favour, they shamelessly boycotted politically and economically the democratically elected government of Palestine.

By carrying out terror on Hamas leaders, by economic blockade and bombardment of vital infrastructures, and by cutting food and water and medicine to the Palestinians, the Israeli Zionists try to punish a nation who has been fighting against the occupation for over 6 decades and who has elected a Hamas-led government. The Zionists try to create hopelessness among the Palestinians who have been fighting to gain their independence. The Israeli government has shown in word and in deed that its existence is based on occupation and invasion, that it is a warmonger and the biggest atomic power in the region, that has no respect for the UN resolutions on the conflict, and that desires to establish the Greater Israel in the region. Therefore, Israel has problem not only with Hamas, but with any movement that has the liberation of Palestine on its agenda. Israel will carry out terror in order to physically destroy the leaders of such a movement. The religious Hamas organisation was elected by the votes of the people, and if a communist trend had come to power instead, Israel and the USA and the EU will carry out similar criminal and fascist actions against it. The imperialist powers support only the organisations and individuals who completely submit to the imperialist criminal policies. Hamas organisation gained its popularity among the Palestinian masses on the basis of daily and tangible social activities and of its irreconcilable stand against the Zionist bullying. Hamas democratically defeated the imperialists’ alternative Abbas faction, a faction that is coward, corrupt, and capitulating. The government of National Unity headed by Hamas is the government elected by the Palestinian people, and to dissolve this government is to have disrespect for the Palestinian nation and to collaborate with imperialism and Zionism. The Palestinian nation will not surrender or yield to the imperialist-Zionist dictates.

Our Party, the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan), assesses the anti-democratic action of Mahmoud Abbas as an imperialist-Zionist plot against the Palestinian people. We strongly condemn such a sinister act. The new government formed by Abbas is illegitimate, anti-democratic, illegal, and cannot be respected by the Palestinians or the freedom loving people of the world.

Death to Zionist Aggressors!

Long Live the Palestinian Struggle against Imperialism and Reaction!

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

June 19, 2007


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