Party of Labor of Iran (Toufan)

On the Vienna Agreement and the Iranian Nuclear Question
The Debate on the Need for the Use of Nuclear Energy

The experts think that nowadays the access to energy and its use in the world cannot be limited to the use of one single energy source, particularly fossil fuels. For decades, experience has shown that in order to meet the needs of production and consumption, there are various sources, one of which is nuclear. We see how the imperialist countries are modernizing their technical means of producing nuclear energy (civilian and military) and they are preventing other countries from having technical and scientific access to the industrial sectors in the nuclear field. They do this to monopolize the means of production of nuclear energy for their sole benefit, above all with a view to the future of the oil market. The reserves of fossil fuels will be exhausted in a number of years (if consumption continues at the current level, it is estimated that it will take between 40 and 75 years to extract the last drop of oil). So one can understand that certain countries want to maintain their nuclear monopoly, because they would not only exclude their potential competitors, but also maintain their world control.

The Atlanticists [those who favor the cooperation of the countries of North America and Europe – translator’s note] have tried to convince the Iranian intellectuals and public opinion that Iran does not need nuclear energy because this country has its own fossil fuels. They try to make us believe that nuclear energy "for you Iranians" is dangerous, that Iranians cannot control the effects and consequences of radioactivity, etc., which is the same as saying that countries such as Iran are not grown up enough to deserve to produce nuclear energy. All this means that Iran has to remain a client of the producing countries and to pay a high price to satisfy their needs and to be an obedient vassal to those who dominate the world.

The real owners of the nuclear power plants speak the language of imperialism. The agents of imperialism, or those who take part in the imperialist plots by mistake, say the same thing. The problem of the latter does not lie in the scientific or technical ignorance, but in that they do not understand the nature of imperialism.

Our party, taking into account that the end of fossil energy is near, thinks that new sources of energy are needed and that all nations of the world should have the right to have access to both for mastering the technical knowledge as well as for the means of production. Also in our country, Iran, unlike other countries such as Germany, Japan, France, Britain, etc. not only are there uranium mines, but the country is large enough to store nuclear waste.

Our current knowledge about nuclear waste does not allow us to say whether they are reusable, but it is certain that the end of fossil energy is irreversible and that it is used in all industrial areas including the pharmaceutical and food industries. It is for this reason that the imperialist powers are trying to create reserves as a result of cheap oil, at the same time as they are using nuclear energy.

Given this background of the end of oil (the end of an oil civilization), these countries greedy for oil ask that they sell them oil in exchange for fuel pellets produced in their nuclear plants. Such an exchange is simply the end of the independence of the country purchasing the fuel pellets, which means that the quantity of nuclear energy that the purchasing country consumes should depend on the decision of the producing country.

We should note that Iran is a country in which the problem of the lack of potable water is acute, and thus the management and use of water for agriculture is a serious problem. Iran, more than other countries, needs a lot of energy to transform the salt water from the seas in the south and north of the country into potable water, both for people and for farms. So we think that to renounce the use of nuclear energy and to close that industry would lead to national disaster: lack of food, mass exodus of the population, etc., and the coming generations would pay a heavy price for it, and it would also spread more superstition and hostility toward civilization, science, culture, etc.

A Frivolous Opposition without Perspectives

The Party of Labor of Iran (Toufan) is the only Iranian organization that for over twelve years has supported and pointed out the importance of an industrial effort to obtain nuclear energy, while confronting the media lies and imperialist attacks, as well as the jolts from part of the Iranian opposition that do not inspire any confidence on what they purport to be. It is also true that many people, for lack of accurate information, are unable to clearly see the problem and fall into the trap of the lies of the media.

This opposition, one part of which is pro-U.S. and pro-Israel, are enemies of the Iranian people. There is another part of the opposition that, in our opinion, is wrong and is lined up under the banner of the motley "internationalist," "anti-nationalist," "anti-Iran" left, and all of a sudden, they directly oppose national interests. That is, the logic of these leftist positions ranges from the supposed struggle against the Islamic Republic to the destruction of the country. This opposition, as the false champions of the left, discards the dialectical principle that necessarily demands a precise definition of concrete conditions, and considers all the governments of the world to be vassals of imperialism, while the defense of national interests vanishes between their fingers to lean to the side of "Iranian nationalism." However, those big shots of the left recognize the principle of the defense of national interests for all countries of the world, but in their opinion this does not exist for Iran...

The history of this opposition began essentially with the rejection – on a world scale – of Iran's nuclear program, thus placing them on the side of the imperialists and Zionists; they speak of the "dangerous Iranian atomic bomb” and insist that if the Islamic religious forces have access to the atomic bomb they will use it against the Iranian people. These fables inspired from the beginning by the statements of the imperialists, spread widely by the world’s media, are the height of the demagogic practice of the opposition. They thus makes clear their political and scientific ignorance incapable of making a critical assessment of their own history, or of letting the Iranians know on what basis they assert such things, and to what end they have launched this propaganda campaign that is completely made up against Iran and its hypothetical atomic bomb that actually never existed.

According to our Party, all Iranian organizations should be clear about the nuclear program, and should explain to the people what they would do if they took power, as well as what is their independent position on the nuclear question.

These organizations have no plan, no clear position on the nuclear question, that is, they do not know what they want, they do not present any serious criticism in the interests of the people, they have no right to say anything about anything.

Even U.S. imperialism has stated several times that Iran does not have the atomic bomb. Nine U.S. secret services have stated that Iran is not manufacturing atomic bombs, and even John Kerry, at conferences in Lausanne and Vienna, has clearly confirmed that Iran does not possess the bomb. However, some Iranian organizations are silent on this; they publish articles in their newspapers expressing their concern about nuclear waste from the nuclear power plant by Boucher [U.S. State Department spokesperson – translator’s note] under the pretext that there is the possibility of a Chernobyl-type danger, and they loudly demand the immediate closure of the Iranian nuclear facilities.

These corrupt organizations are very far from the truth in their fantastic distortion about the murder of Iranian scientists by Israel, and they continue with an interpretation of a balancing act, trying to explain that the Islamic Republic is behind the killing of its own nuclear agents. All this clearly shows that this opposition not only does not have a constructive approach to the nuclear question, but undoubtedly is at the service of the interests of imperialism and Zionism.

The critics of the Vienna agreements should put in the first place the inalienable right of Iran to produce nuclear energy, instead of going around the issue and asking whether Iran needs nuclear energy or not. The United States, Germany, Japan, France, Britain, Russia, Israel and others have that privilege as their right. Should we accept this privilege, that is, the law of the most powerful in international relations? Our Party rejects all confusing and reactionary versions of this nature. To criticize the agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue without falling into such a trap, one has to put one’s feet on the ground and look reality in the face in order to avoid mistakes and actually see what is happening. Once one has taken a position based on objective reality, one must take into account the essential elements in their context to enable us to judge the distortions by the main adversaries – U.S. imperialism against the Islamic regime of Iran – and to see to what extent this agreement takes into account the right of the Iranian people, and that this right has been constantly threatened, with the support of the Atlanticist media, with the maximum penalty, that is atomic bombardment; and even at that time the regime of the Islamic Republic has proved its "good revolutionary intentions" by renouncing the right of the Iranian people to the confirmed imperialist blackmail.

The Activity of the Imperialist Camp, the Zionist Camp, the Corrupt Sections of the Iranian Opposition,
and the Camp of the Revolutionary Forces Regarding Iranian Nuclear Technology

Those who know the history of the efforts of our country to reach the scientific and practical level needed to produce nuclear energy, which is the absolute right of the Iranian people as well as all the peoples of the world, know more or less about the ups and downs that Iran has gone through from the beginning until now.

The imperialists, namely the United States, Germany and France, have tried to make problems to prevent the progress of the building of Iran's first nuclear power plant; very little is still known about the Eurodif Co. affair, which swallowed up the Iranian capital reserved for the development of the first nuclear power plant, about the sabotage of the cooperation between Iran and Argentina and also between Iran and Ukraine and the Siemens company. The cancellation of the nuclear contract with Germany was followed by the sabotage of the contract with Japan; this hostility towards Iran continued with the refusal to sell uranium to Iran, 20% of which was destined for research by the School of Medicine in Tehran to crown its plan of action, and Iranian students have been rejected by the nuclear physics institutes in Europe. Later this "crowning" had a bloody episode: Israel, in agreement with the Republic of Azerbaijan, hired some corrupt Iranians to carry out commando operations to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists. The anti-nuclear actions against Iran continued with the pressure on Russia to delay the nuclear power plant with supplementary expenditures for Iran. In 2010, the U.S. created the computer virus known as Stas, designed by the NSA in cooperation with Germany and Israel to attack Iran's centrifuges. The virus attack caused major problems for the Iranian nuclear facilities that could have ended up with a Chernobyl-type explosion; fortunately this disaster did not take place. The imperialists always changed their masks against Iran when they were convinced that they could not go further and that the situation was dominated by their opponent.

From the time when the Iranian scientists mastered nuclear engineering for the enrichment of uranium, first to 3.5%, then to 5% and later to 20% creating nuclear fuel pellets, no one could make them retreat and deprive future generations of the cultural, scientific and technological heritage of our country. Even the shameful murder of some Iranian scientists by the imperialists and Zionists has not been able to stop the march of history.

It is then, under those conditions, that imperialism has reversed itself and recognized a minimum space for Iran in the nuclear field. However, the enemies of the Iranian people have not ceased to conspire to obstruct the advance of the Iranian scientists in mastering nuclear technology. But the enemies of the people have not been able to stop the scientific and technological progress of the Iranian people, their arrogance does not allow them to accept the success of the people; they will change methods and in the future one will have to foresee destructive actions. We are fully conscious of the fact that the imperialists will never forgive these scientific advances of the Iranian people, or in any field, and will try to destroy our country.

Imperialist acceptance of a minimum of Iranian nuclear activity is merely a temporary retreat. The destructive policy of the imperialist aims at eliminating Iran’s technical progress, for which it invests huge expenses. However, we know and are aware of the fact that only countries that resist and do not let themselves be intimidated by the oppressors and pay the price of sacrifice, deserve to be independent. Our Party defends the legitimate rights of the Iranian people. For us, what counts are the future generations, not the Iranian regime that is temporary anyway. Regimes come and go, but Iran remains with its cultural and scientific heritage.

Our Party, the Party of Labor of Iran (Toufan), considers that nuclear technology is an absolute necessity for industrial progress and human civilization, as science today shows; it is a scientific and technical advance of humanity necessary for the present time but also for the future. The constant effort of the industrial countries to achieve technological advances in the nuclear field confirms what we say here.

A Position of Weakness in the Negotiations

The capitalist government of the Islamic Republic has been involved in negotiations when it found itself in a bad position. This is the historical repetition of a deadly gesture well known in our country: at a certain point Khomeini had to drink the cup of poison, and he drank it. However, as proof of an exceptional foresight, he left half the glass as a legacy for the other leaders of the Islamic Republic so that, with "revolutionary consent," they drank it up to the last drop in negotiations with the U.S.

The Great Satan in a masterful turn became the savior angel of misguided souls. The truth is that in the negotiations the regime had lost its winning cards, both internally and externally. Now it is struggling to survive by compromising the national interests in order to reach an arrangement that, in our opinion, is bleak.

The Islamic regime of Iran has been sitting at the negotiating table at a time when it is in a weak position both politically and militarily and it has reduced its influence on Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, as well as at the diplomatic level in its relations with Latin American countries.

All the reactionary countries in the region, with Turkey as leader, Saudi Arabia and Israel, maintain an important coalition against Iran and are trying to create zones of tension on the borders with Iran on the east and the west, supporting the chauvinist nationalists, the separatists and the corrupt opposition. Each year several hundred Iranian border guards and soldiers are killed in surprise attacks by various armed factions. The monopoly of anti-Iranian propaganda is in the hands of Israeli agents who speak and write in Persian. For example, Menashe Amir, a Mossad agent, writes regularly in corrupt Iranian publications and electronic media and plays the role of coordinator of anti-Iranian propaganda. Moreover, the half-lies spread in an organized manner against Iran, accompanied by technical interventions by satellite to decrease Iran’s capacity for censorship and control.

The illegal sanctions and the economic, political, cultural and particularly financial cordon around Iran have strongly struck the economy of the Islamist regime so that it is forced (to save its own skin) to place the burden of this destructive crisis on the backs of the people. It is particularly the weakest and most oppressed who suffer the consequences of this policy. The families that enjoy an income guaranteed by the regime, or the pirates of land and sea that the leaders take advantage of – they all have bank accounts abroad – loot the public property and natural resources of the country. These people do not suffer the weight of daily life, the crisis and sanctions of all kinds that strike the majority of citizens.

This crisis created by the inhumane sanctions leads to massive unemployment and extreme poverty, which is gradually leading to a wave of widespread discontent in the country, undermining the support of the government among the popular masses. From here on the Islamic regime can only count on their own members who share the power and on a minority of rentiers, while it fears the resistance and struggle of the Iranian people. So it is carrying out massive repression, controlling the media, and silencing critics and those who question the legitimacy and continuity in power of this capitalist regime.

The Regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran Is Trying To Save Itself,
While Notions of Safeguarding the Independence and National Interests Are Relegated to Second Place

None of all this is unknown, in particular the imperialist countries and their U.S. leader are behind this situation and their information services know exactly what happens in the darkest regions of the Islamic regime. For example, they have the necessary information about the bank accounts abroad of the leaders. Who paid the cost of the education of the son of Atta’ollah Mohajerani, deputy prime minister of parliament in the period of Mir-Hossein Mousavi; vice president in the period of Rafsanjani, member of the Legislative Council dealing with audio-visual products and Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the period of former President Mohammad Khatami? It was Saudi Arabia. We know that the United States has many levers to use and that they are at the very heart of the Iranian government. We also know that the United States has many espionage operations on Iranian territory, which is a secret of Punchinello.

U.S. imperialism has set up military bases all around Iran's borders, and it carries out provocations in the Persian Gulf; its drones fly over Iran’s skies carrying out espionage, while it supports armed groups to carry out terrorist actions on Iran's borders and inside the country.

The creation of the terrorist group known as "Daesh",* which could not exist without the support of NATO, has been trying to reduce Iranian influence to leave the way clear for the implementation of strategic policies of the new world order in the region. Imperialism, in order to pressure Iran, has been involved heavily in terrorism.

* The so-called Islamic State

The Iranian Islamic regime has been sitting at the negotiating table with the United States while it is confronting a wave of widespread discontent in the country. The defeat of Iran with the Vienna agreements was predictable.

The Compromise on the Principle of National Sovereignty

The capitalist Islamic Republic of Iran has claimed from the beginning, and rightly so, that the enrichment of uranium is a legitimate and inalienable right of the Iranian people. It said then that the mastery of nuclear technology was undoubtedly a necessity for the developing countries in the world today in order to overcome their backwardness compared with the technologically advanced countries. This right belongs to all countries, including the Iranian people, and it is written in black on white in the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, of which Iran is one of the signatories.

The respect for this right, the construction of nuclear power plants and the scientific and technological mastery of nuclear power for a candidate country should in principle involve the interest and support of the International Atomic Energy Agency in accordance with the principles of the Treaty in force. However, what happened with the Iranian nuclear issue in its quarrel with the International Atomic Energy Agency puts it in another framework almost unheard of in the dirty actions from which we draw its essential features. The International Atomic Energy Agency not only refuses to help Iran, which as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) on nuclear weapons, but it spread abroad the names of the Iranian nuclear scientists. Thus it fulfills its tasks not as an International Agency, but as an information agency in a plan geared towards the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists...

The International Atomic Energy Agency has distanced itself a little from the duties and responsibilities for which it was created. It also refused to visit the nuclear arsenals of the world to gauge their destructive potential and the threat that they pose to the whole Earth. It is not known why it did not occur to the International Atomic Energy Agency to visit the nuclear arsenal of Israel, a colonizing country that occupies the territory of its neighbors as it pleases and is a danger to world peace. In fact, the International Atomic Energy Agency is the long hand of U.S. imperialism and functions as such; that is why it "ignores" the inalienable right of the Iranian people to the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

All members that signed the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons have the right to use nuclear energy and to benefit from the assistance of the International Atomic Energy Agency, without any further agreement in the addendum to that treaty. But the imperialists have established extraordinary measures for Iran. Apparently, in order to benefit from this inalienable right, Iran is the only country in the world that must obtain permission from the leaders of the member countries of the Group 5 + 1 and of the Zionists. Furthermore, according to the rules set by the group, this permission is provisional, vague, without perspectives and uncertain...

In our opinion, the fact that it negotiated with the Group 5 + 1 over an internationally recognized legitimate right is not reasonable and it can only be explained by a certain weakness of Iran; this means that Iran has capitulated.

What Does the Mutual Agreement Mean?

The President of the United States, Barak Obama, in his first official speech at the White House, explicitly stressed, unlike those who have tried to confuse us with a smile on their lips to make us believe that this is an Iranian victory: “This agreement is based on verification and not on trust."

Thus it is difficult to call this a mutual agreement, when it seems to be more like a verification of Iran's surrender. This agreement is intended, adopted in order to legitimize the verification of the Iranian affairs on Iranian territory. The fact that Iran has signed the document amounts to letting the International Atomic Energy Agency, as the long hand of U.S. imperialism, conduct surprise visits and not to return the property of the Iranian people blocked by imperialism.

The document drawn up to establish a system of surveillance over the country cannot be an agreement between the two sides, unless it is recognized that the Islamic Republic has acknowledged that Iran has no rights and that by its own conduct it admits to having committed a serious offense against international law that would have put the world at risk of imminent war and would threaten the peace of the world; therefore from now on it must accept the shame of being controlled because the world does not trust Iran. As if it was not Reagan, Bush and Obama who have unleashed wars in the world, with the theory of "constructive chaos."

When one reads the document on the "agreement," one soon sees the spirit of what is raised: "If Iran is cheating the world will know it," this is a "good agreement," it is clearly "an accord for a transparent regime subject to the deepest inspections ever negotiated in nuclear programs," Obama said.

Everything in this historic agreement is drawn up according to the will of U.S. imperialism, the U.S. can interpret the facts as they please at any time, and Iran has no safeguards. The United States looks arrogantly at Iran and Iran must behave according to the orders issued by U.S. imperialism. "If Iran is cheating the world will know it."

The Invention of a New International Regulation

We Iranians know that U.S. imperialism applies its circumstantial strategy by force, imposing its will not only on the peoples of the world, but also on its imperialist rivals. Believing themselves the only ones who make the laws in the world today, it pushes the United Nations Security Council to draw up illegal resolutions against Iran, a sovereign country. On its orders, the Security Council has openly violated the recognized right of our people to use nuclear energy for civilian use, like all signatories of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, bypassing the rules of the UN. The International Atomic Energy Agency, as an arm of U.S. imperialism, using the hand of Israel, played a key role in its report on Iran’s nuclear efforts, falsely claiming from beginning to end the existence of imaginary and fictitious Iranian atomic bombs. This lie, spread by the Western media and the sold-out Iranian opposition, was taken up by the Security Council.

Let us not forget that all the illegal resolutions of the Security Council against our country have been drawn up and ratified with the voluntary complicity of Russia and People’s China. Since then they are official because the imperialists and the whole Group of 5 + 1 members have openly trampled on the rights of all countries in the United Nations. U.S. imperialism has the last word, not only on the report on Iran's nuclear efforts, but also on all conflicting reports of a national and international character. The U.S. is the only judge of anyone, at any time, about anything. It controls everything including international institutions like the UN, with its subsidiary agencies spread over different countries, including the Security Council.

Zionist Imperialist Espionage in Iran

Initially, the International Atomic Energy Agency was supposed to monitor the implementation of the nuclear non-proliferation agreement and guarantee the respect of the commitments by the signatory countries. But the signatory states are also sovereign in their respective countries, which is an important factor that affects the function of this international agency in each of the sovereign countries. This allows us to judge its actions and positions, which are sometimes contradictory, as is the hand extended by US imperialism, so close to Israel.

In fact Iran drained under President Khatami in collaboration with Rouhani, Iran's current president, had secretly signed and accepted a mysterious so-called additional treaty, which has never been ratified by the Islamic parliament of that period. This additional treaty was prepared by Group of 5 + 1 especially for Iran. For although all the Member States of the 5 + 1 (with the exception of Germany) have an ultra-modern nuclear industry, both civilian and military, with a stockpile of nuclear warheads large enough to destroy the Earth several times over, they have not signed this additional treaty .

Strangely, the current government of Iran under President Rouhani, who signed the treaty, wants it to be ratified, but without revealing its contents to the Iranian people. As usual, some privileged members at the head of the Islamic State know the contents of this mysterious treaty, which is aimed directly against the vital interests of the country, such as national independence, which has already been hard hit by the illegal sanctions.

That treaty is so shameful that Khamenei, the supreme leader of the capitalist-Islamist regime, refused to bless it, and he himself began to criticize this additional treaty that authorizes the International Atomic Energy Agency to monitor not only Iran's nuclear facilities, but also the whole industrial infrastructure and all the military bases in Iran.

A Retreat in the Field of Technical Education and Industrial Development

In the agreement on the report on Iran’s nuclear efforts one can see that from this moment on Iran is supposed to restrict its nuclear activities. The overall satisfaction of the Member States of the Security Council confirms that this restriction endangers the industrial development and especially the nuclear industry in the country.

The Party of Labor of Iran (Toufan) is fully aware that imperialism does not deserve the confidence of the people and that U.S. imperialism never respects international rules and treaties. Therefore, our Party categorically rejects this agreement imposed by force, accompanied by successive sanctions, which is illegal and in total contradiction with the treaty on nuclear non-proliferation and therefore threatens the independence and national sovereignty of our country.

The Nuclear Competition in the Middle East as a Pretext

To prevent the right of the Iranian people to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, the Atlanticist media, followed as always by certain sections of the Iranian opposition, is advancing the following hypothesis: if Iran engages in nuclear research it can trigger a regional competition for nuclear weapons.

Let us see: First, if the imperialist countries are really afraid of competition in the field of nuclear weapons, and if they really want a world without atomic bombs, they themselves should take the initiative to stop the process, but they have not done so. The prohibitive and apparently pacifist crippling argument about Iran’s nuclear efforts does not work in view of the objective reality of the nuclear military in the world today.

Second, we can understand better the bankruptcy of this hypothesis if we consider the Israeli possession of nuclear weapons on the world stage. Unlike Iran, which does not have nuclear weapons, Israel has about 300 nuclear warheads; this number of nuclear weapons could have led to regional competition. But no such thing has happened. Despite the Israeli atomic bombs, neither Turkey, Saudi Arabia nor Egypt have tried to "go nuclear" in the military sphere. We must not forget that India and Pakistan are atomic powers, and this has not resulted in any nuclear arms race in the region, as the supporters of the above hypothesis claim.

This contradiction clearly shows what is behind the hypocritical policy of U.S. imperialism, whose main concern is not the non-existent Iranian bomb and its alleged danger to world peace, but the struggle of the peoples for their emancipation, independence and freedom from imperialist domination. The fantastic tale of the atomic bomb that has been spread widely is intended to prepare world public opinion so that the final act by the imperialists would seem plausible. However, for us it is not understandable if we consider the facts from the point of view of the anti-imperialist struggle of our people.

The U.S. Retreat from Its Traditional Policy towards New Methods

Until now, the policy of U.S. imperialism called for the overthrow of the Islamic regime of Iran, because its aim was to link the fate of Iran’s nuclear efforts to its policy in the region. The U.S. has shown on several occasions in its negotiation with Iran that is not limited to the nuclear issue, but to a group of problems. We note that, at least for its part, it wanted to make a good deal for Israel's security.

But certain recent events show that Iran does not understand it this way; it would not retreat one inch before the State of Israel, and it is limiting itself exclusively to the problem of the nuclear industry and uranium enrichment. Consequently, Ali Khamenei in his speech on the religious celebration of the last day of Ramadan, stated: "The Islamic Republic will not capitulate to the excessive and arrogant demands of the enemy" and he pointed out the excessive and inconsistent demands of the United States at the conference in Lausanne that Iran did not accept. He also warned that despite the nuclear deal with the great powers, "Whether this agreement is ratified or not, we will not withdraw our support to our friends in the region, whether to the oppressed Palestinian people, the oppressed people of Yemen, the Syrian people and government, the Iraqi people and government, the oppressed people of Bahrain, or the honest resistance fighters in Lebanon and Palestine; they all have our support."

U.S. imperialism, in alliance with the countries of the region, supports the military forces of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the aggression against Syria and Yemen, the slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza by the Zionist regime, and the creation of the terrorist group "Daesh," which was plotting against Iran to force it to kneel before its foreign policy.

At the conference in Lausanne, the U.S. imposed its rules on Iran; it wanted to obtain the unconditional surrender of Iran. This insolent and arrogant political attitude of the U.S. was not supported either by China or Russia, or by the European countries that wanted to put an end to the sanctions in order to restore their trade relations to remedy their own internal crisis and the effects of their intervention in the internal affairs of Ukraine and also the bankruptcy of Greece.

With the surrender of Iran on the nuclear report, the Europeans, obviously for their own interests, did not want the blockade to last forever. In addition, the U.S. policy to overthrow Bashar Assad was unsuccessful and the tasty fruit that the media sang of to the world turned out to be rotten and serves unspeakable beings, while countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and other Arab countries have difficulties facing the crisis that is striking them. The same is taking place with the countries that played the terrorism card; they will now have to bear the nefarious consequences of that deadly policy on their own territory. The crisis is continuing and no one knows where and when it will end.

The apprentices of the terrorists sent to Syria to destroy, to kill or be killed, are returning to their home countries, France, England, Belgium, etc. Now these apprentices of old, the hardened terrorists of today, are elements suspected of striking in their own countries.

The continuation of this situation poses considerable dangers to the region and the initial plan that was intended to reduce Iranian influence has not led to the desired result; on the contrary, Iran is a power which one must take into account if one wants to achieve regional stability. It is not Iran that lost prestige, but Saudi Arabia whose prestige plummeted both internally and abroad, and was rejected by the other Arab countries, which distanced themselves from it. The United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman, gradually began to cooperate with Iran, which was a hard blow for the United States and Saudi Arabia in the region.

Ali Khamenei in the above-mentioned speech put things in their place regarding the nuclear pre- agreement and stated that Iran would not allow inspection of its military installations and said: "As we have said many times, we do not negotiate with the US on various international and regional issues, there is no negotiation on bilateral issues; sometimes we have negotiated on exceptional issues such as the nuclear one and for our higher interests. The policy carried out by the United States in the region and the policy of the Islamic Republic are opposed 180º...”

In resisting the insolent U.S. policy, the Iranian resistance has been supported by Russia, China and European countries, especially Germany.

The return of the terrorists to the European countries, the arrival of refugees from the war-torn countries in the Middle East, which has caused a humanitarian crisis with destabilizing effects in the European host countries, has allowed Russia to explicitly state that the crisis in the Middle East would only end with its active participation.

The Foreign Minister of Russia has stated that the U.S.-Iranian crisis over the nuclear issue has been resolved by Russian collaboration, and the same will happen with problems concerning Syria; without Russia, U.S. efforts to resolve its conflicts with Iran over Israel's security have not ended, and so far they are a big failure.

The U.S. allies have abandoned it and Israel is unhappy because the U.S. has failed to prevent Iranian influence and pressure in the region; therefore it tried to sabotage the Vienna agreement in the United States Congress.

The Capitalist Regime of the Islamic Republic Is in a Quagmire

In Iran the present situation will remain as it has for some time. The effective removal of the sanctions against Iran will take place as decided by U.S. imperialism. But Obama must first confirm that Iran is respecting its commitments, which must be signed by George Bush, after which the economic normalization with Iran will take place and the sanctions will gradually disappear.

The removal of the sanctions does not mean a positive and real change in the economic and financial life of Iran. The new industrial facilities, spare parts and aircraft that Iran wants to buy at the moment are not available in the manufacturing imperialist countries. Thus it will take some time to make them, which can last several years before they will be sent, according to the agreements.

To unblock the Iranian interests in the U.S. does not mean that they will be sent in good and due form. The promise by Gascon, according to which the United States will return these interests, will first be used to pay the economic demands of the United States, and then the money will be released in the form of letters of credit that will serve for Iran to buy U.S. goods.

Without a doubt, the United States will impose contracts that shut the wolf in with the lambs to obtain special benefits and "exclusive promotional offers" without which – in case of disobedience –the sanctions against Iran may at any time be reactivated.

If we carefully examine the evolution of the Islamic Republic in Iran, from the first day of the revolution, we see that by its specific policy it had to continually confront its isolation from the Iranian people. The Islamic Republic in Iran is now the subject of jokes and hatred by the Iranians. The regime of the Islamic Republic wants to govern by blows of the sword and the ax, to maintain the people by force. That is why it sows confusion in the news about the text of the Vienna agreements, since it is afraid to reveal the truth, and it is trying to stifle public debate on the subject. This policy of censorship and suffocation of the news is also corroborated by the imperialists, so that by isolating the regime they can subject it better. The only solution for the Islamic Republic of Iran would be to reverse its positions: to respect the rights of the Iranian people, meet their legitimate demands, allow freedom of political and union organizations, lift the censorship on the news media, gain the trust of people, restore justice and stop the looters of the public funds and the corrupt people. The murderers who take refuge in the State must be brought to justice. It is time for the Islamic Republic to apply reasonable measures to win back the support of all the people. It is through the support of the masses that the Iranian state can deal with the attacks and plots of the imperialists; otherwise, since the Islamist Republic fell into a trap in order to safeguard its interests, and not for the salvation of the Iranian people, it will be forced to line up on the side of imperialism.

Economic Consequences of the Vienna Agreements

Presently the capitalists and big businesses in the world want to enter the Iranian market; every day groups of representatives come to Iran in the hope of signing lucrative contracts. The speed with which commercial projects in various areas are advancing clearly shows that the contracts have been ready for some time, with more or less precise planning.

The reality of the commercial projects with Iran shows that they have played an important role, even an element of political and economic pressure on the Vienna Agreements, exercised by the European Union, China and Russia on the United States.

The foreign investments in Iran in the wake of the Vienna agreements will be followed by other disastrous agreements of the neoliberal kind, as already felt in Greece and other countries such as Portugal, Spain, etc.

From now on the Iranian market will be open to neoliberal capitalism that will impose its laws. The suspension of public services, the non-intervention of the State in the sphere of production and the administration of the country are on the agenda. The Rafsanjani and Ahmadi Nejad coalition is allowing the implementation of the neoliberal agenda in Iran. The right to demonstrate and the wage demands are simply ignored with different motives; on the contrary, the state represses the workers in order to ensure maximum profit for the foreign capitalists. Foreign investments will extend to the roots of the economy and ruin the activity of the local economy.

The wave of privatizations will begin with the seizure of public goods, stocks of oil and gas, copper mines, water, highways, nuclear power plants, beaches, etc. All these will be the private property of the imperialists and a handful of Iranian collaborators. The laws of the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund will be imposed on a rich country such as Iran with thousands of millions in liquid assets, laws that are already prepared in order to restart economic development and the purchase of arms, manufacturing facilities in key sectors of modern industry such as petrochemicals, means of transportation, transport and civilian planes, etc.

From now on, a market of Iran’s size has been opened to plunder and exploitation, in order to bleed the working class and the Iranian people dry. Since the previous governments of Rafsanjani, Ahmadi and Rouhani, we have known what austerity means. Iran is at the doorstep of a rapid change from which the imperialists with their neoliberal policy will serve as birds of prey.

The weak production of the country will disappear. The country will become fertile soil for the exploitation of workers; the cheap labor power will encourage competition among imperialists for the division of labor and maximum profit.

This will lead to a readjustment and changes in the composition of the "tenants" in power; one section of Iranian capitalists will find its salvation by allying with the imperialists; but another section will be ruined by the ruin of local production and their inability to compete with foreign capital.

It is in this environment that the state is intervening and repressing the workers in order to exploit them under the best possible conditions for the benefit of foreign capital.

Following these rapid changes in Iran there will be a new class configuration in Iranian society. For future changes in Iran we foresee that the anti-imperialist movement will develop, that the workers’ movement will meet its date with history; now, the responsibility of the leadership of the struggle for the emancipation of the working class and for the defense of the independence and territorial integrity, with the perspective of building socialism, lies with the party of the working class as the representative of the laboring people.

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