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The current situation in Morocco

Abdallah Elharif

The current situation in Morocco is marked by a virulent offensive by the authorities (an almost absolute monarchy supported by a despotic and predatory state apparatus) against the masses, taking advantage of certain supposedly favorable international, regional and local conditions.

On the international level:

On the regional level:

On the domestic level:

That is, at a time when the authorities are undergoing a deep structural crisis due to the nature of their economy and their position in the international division of labor: production and export of raw materials, agricultural products and manufactured products with low added value (automotive and aeronautics industry, etc.) to satisfy the imperialists.

This whole situation has been aggravated by the crisis of capitalism, the chaos and depredation of all the ruling classes and the increased spending on the military and security. All this takes the form of public debt, austerity policies and a negative balance of trade, which consequently creates very low rates of growth, etc. Despite the fall in oil prices and the promises of a good year in agriculture, thanks to a favorable rainfall in December, the degree of maneuverability of the regime on social issues is almost zero; unless the tax and financial benefits and other forms of favoritism granted to the ruling classes (the comprador bourgeoisie and the big landowners) and imperialism are eliminated. This is improbable as the regime cannot do this, nor does it want to, due to its dependence on imperialism and the nature of all the ruling classes on which it is based.

On what is the offensive of the authorities based?

On anti-social measures:

On the repression of movements of the popular struggle:

On the repression of militant organizations that denounce the abuses of the authorities and that fight for human rights:

This is taking place in a political climate marked by the preparation of the authorities for the election of representatives of the workers and the professional and business organizations for the Senate, in order to cover itself with a facade of democracy. Proof of this is the supervision of these elections by the Interior Ministry, veteran experts in the rigging and falsification of election results.

The authorities, aware of the disaffection of the citizens with the usual farcical election, refuse to withdraw the old electoral lists and reject the use of the national identification card as a valid document for voting. In this way it exercises a tight control, both in terms of financing and management or decision-making, of the local, provincial and regional bodies supposedly “elected” by the citizenry.

Moreover, the Sahara issue remains as always at a dead end, which is leading the country into more and more debt. Especially when one considers that this conflict is being used to justify both the arms race with neighboring Algeria, as well as to impose a “social peace” and achieve “national unanimity” under the pretext of defending its “territorial integrity” and also justifying the repression of the popular struggles and the anti-social measures.

The participation of the authorities in the imperialist wars in Africa, the Middle East and against “terrorism”. Besides proceeding with the normalization of open trade relations and hidden political relations with the Zionist entity, with the aim of:

The Democratic Way is resisting this offensive:

March 2015

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