Revolutionary Communist Party of Volta (PCRV)

Our heroic people have carried out a popular insurrection of historic significance

The struggle carried out by our people for over two decades, particularly with the popular movement and the revolutionary crisis that followed the assassination of journalist Norbert Zongo and his comrades in 1998, took shape on October 30 and 31, 2014, with the popular insurrection that led to:

This insurrection has had a great historic significance nationally as well as internationally in the sub-region. The PCRV, which played an important role in the preparation and development of this popular insurrection, both at the barricades as well as throughout the national territory, will work to influence the working class and people, putting forward clearly the following questions:

  1. What is the scope and limits of the popular insurrection carried out by our heroic people?
  2. What were the maneuvers and plots hatched by French imperialism with its “agencies” (the UN, ECOWAS [Economic Community of West African States] and OIF [International Francophone Organization]), the reactionary bourgeois opposition and the military coup leaders to save the neocolonial system?
  3. What are the main trends of evolution in the current situation and the possible solutions?
  4. What does the Revolutionary Communist Party propose in the current situation?
I. Our heroic people have carried out a popular insurrection of historic significance

The popular insurrection of our people (October 30 and 31, 2014) is the result of constant heroic struggles, carried out with determination and clarity for two decades by our Party, the sincere revolutionaries and democrats against the autocracy of Blaise Compaore and his CDP. This protracted struggle, particularly since the assassination of journalist Norbert Zongo and his comrades, evolved gradually and had its martyrs, its wounded and its human dramas. We must emphasize the great participation of the popular youth, their combativeness, their spirit of self-sacrifice and their heroism on the barricades.

The insurrection helped the awakening of consciousness of the different strata of the population and forged their will to put an end to the bloody regime, which was corrupt and sold out to French imperialism. The popular insurrection of October 30 and 31 has deep roots and was carried out by the people despite the cruel police repression by the forces of the Fourth Republic supported by French troops, particularly the special forces of the VOS and the RSP, who are remembered for their evil actions and whose members assassinated and threatened detainees: “If you oppose us we will annihilate you, and nothing will happen.”

The popular insurrection was well received by the oppressed peoples of Africa and the world, and has had an immense national, subregional and international historic significance. The insurrection has provided us with several lessons:

This popular insurrection also has limits that prevented it from being transformed into a victorious revolution. These limits are:

II. The maneuvers and plot to break the dynamic of the popular insurrection and save the neocolonial system

The reactionary bourgeois opposition and its dependents within the OSC [Civil Society Organizations], who had long tried to influence the popular movement, were surprised and terrified by the breadth, strength and determination of the popular insurrection whose main objective was to overthrow the neocolonial system. As the leader of the opposition (CFOP) Zephirin Diabre acknowledged publicly on the radio, namely the RFI [Radio France International]:

All this was in the framework of the objectives set by French imperialism, whose ambassador in Ouagadougou openly linked the CFOP headquarters and the general staff of the French forces, to transmit directives as the colonial governor of the country. It was with the support of the CFOP that the coup forces of certain OSCs, such as French imperialism, organized the counter-insurrection, the counter-revolution:

If the transition to hand over “power to the civilians” was approved by French imperialism, this is due to the following reasons:

That is, nothing good for the working class and people can come out of this transition, which is part of the maneuvers and plots of French imperialism to defend its political, economic, strategic and military interests in our country that it already occupies militarily; it is a counter-revolutionary maneuver which must be energetically denounced and rejected.

III. The major trends of evolution in the current situation and some possible solutions

French imperialism will try everything to save the neocolonial order and break the revolutionary movement, as François Hollande stated, during the counter-revolutionary coup d’état carried out on November 1 and against which the people are resisting.

On this basis the possible present outcomes in our country are the following:

IV. What does the PCRV propose in the current situation

To begin, the PCRV pays solemn tribute to those who fell during the popular insurrection, which include our members and sympathizers. We wish a speedy recovery to the wounded. Their heroism will be remembered forever in the history of the struggle of our people for the revolution.

The popular insurrection of October 30 and 31, 2014, is considered by the PCRV, and it should be considered by all our people, as a dress rehearsal to better organize the victorious revolution, for the national and social liberation of our country. Therefore the PCRV:

  1. Calls on the people to continue to denounce and oppose the defensive counter-revolutionary coup d’état carried out by French imperialism through the RSP with the support of the reactionary bourgeois opposition and its minions within civil society, by which they exposed themselves and chose the camp of reaction. We call on the people to demand the withdrawal from our country of the foreign troops, particularly the French and U.S. troops.
  2. Calls on the people to distance themselves from the bourgeois reactionary opposition and the coup supporters within the OSC:
      3. Advises the various component strata of our people:

Revolution that will establish a provisional revolutionary Government and a Constituent Assembly in the service of our people, from which will be excluded the exploiters, oppressors and plunderers of our country. Only the general armed insurrection of the people will achieve these objectives.

Long live the popular insurrection of October 30 and 31, 2014!

Let us organize the revolution with clarity and determination based on the achievements and lessons of the popular insurrection of October 30-31, 2014!

Long live the Revolutionary Communist Party of Volta!

Central Committee of the PCRV
November 20, 2014

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