Communist Party of Peru (M-L)

The situation in Peru and the international context

The class struggle is intensifying worldwide and in Latin America, in particular in Peru.


After World War II the advance of the revolutions and the formation of the socialist camp took place as an undeniable reality that foretold new proletarian revolutions foreseen by Lenin in his masterful work Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism. However, imperialism was able to retake the initiative after having made various concessions to the peoples with the implementation of state capitalism and the support of social-democracy. Imperialism is trying to repeat this process with the so-called “alternative governments,” utilized while it reconstitutes its forces to be able once again to crush the peoples who aspire to revolution.

The appeal of the Mont Pelerin Society in Switzerland, created by a summit organized by Hayec, runs parallel to the cruelest military offensive that was trying to encircle and isolate the peoples who were building socialism such as the USSR. This was the prelude to preparing and developing wars of invasion against the Asian peoples who rose up in revolution, as was the case of Korea and Vietnam. It established the strategy of politically minimizing the advances of socialism by forming dependent states converted into military bases, such as South Korea and South Vietnam. From there they took aim at the peoples with the dual objectives of taking by force the natural resources, mainly of a strategic character such as oil and gold, as well as an increase in the handling of world banking. In that goal a determining role is played by Israel, armed by imperialism to become its spearhead in the Middle East.

This military offensive is taking shape with the establishment of bodies parallel to the official ones such as paramilitary groups responsible for selective assassinations to undermine any attempt at organization of Marxist-Leninist communist parties.

In this way it is launching a global offensive with the aim of eradicating the gains won by the people and implemented by “state capitalism,” taking by assault the power of the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. At the same time, it is bombarding the peoples ideologically by claiming that Marxism-Leninism is an obsolete, archaic, backward theory and that capitalism is “the end of history,” as expressed by the bourgeois ideologist Francis Fukuyama, now repeated by “ideologists” such as Miguel Angel Cornejo of Mexico and Hernando de Soto of Peru.

They promote the ideas of Milton Friedman, one of the attendees at the Mont Pelerin summit in Switzerland over 60 years ago. The slogan of reducing the state sector, the elimination of social gains, the privatization of state enterprises and natural resources including water and the territories of the communities and peasants as well as the reduction of tariffs for capitalist export was launched. This is sold as “neoliberalism,” which is nothing more than the imposition of imperialism and looting on a world scale.

Assassination as a weapon of imperialism

In this perspective, a mass of assassins emerges, mainly with former U.S. soldiers who were defeated in Vietnam but were well trained in the art of killing, of assassination. These soldiers are hired as mercenaries by various governments and capitalist groups and are settled mainly in Colombia and Chile, as before with the resettlement of German Nazis after World War II two decades earlier.

In Colombia the assassins formed paramilitary groups who commit murder against popular and revolutionary leaders, not in an “official” manner but backed by and with the complicity of the governments.

These assassins trained by former soldiers in Vietnam at the service of imperialism and led by the CIA are the ones who are today besieging the nationalist government of Maduro. Although he is not a socialist or Marxist-Leninist, he needs the support of the Marxist-Leninists and the mobilization of all popular forces for the unity of the progressive, patriotic and internationalist forces to resist fascism and the attempts to return to oligarchic governments of the type of Carlos Andres Perez, who was traitorous and anti-national.

It is in this perspective that we take part in unitary popular acts of support for the Bolivarian government of Maduro, at the same time as helping in the organization of new Marxist-Leninist communist militants.

In the case of Peru, it is clear that assassinations have already been used in the 1960s to cut down and eliminate attempts at popular insurrection and popular agrarian reform promoted by the Communist Party of Peru ML (PCP ML). This phenomenon of elimination of the revolutionary organization increased systematically in the 1980s with both the appearance of Shining Path and the Fujimori repression, which annihilated tens of thousands of peasants to weaken the capacity of struggle of the masses. This was the prelude to the implementation of “neoliberalism” with the Fujimori constitution, the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and the concessions to snatch away all the natural resources, the communal properties and the privatization of water while imposing the sale of its genetically modified products with their mega markets or shopping malls.

Currently there are over 100 gangs of assassins who systematically commit crimes with the complicit silence of the neocolonial state authorities: the police, army, judiciary, congress and executive power, as well as the silence of the press at the service of imperialism. This is concentrated mainly in the hands of the Miro Quesada family backed by groups of Peruvian capitalists, the hard-liners of imperialism: the Romero group, Brescia group, Benavides de la Quintana group, Wiesse, etc. Each of these groups has accumulated fortunes of more than $1 billion each: Brescia with more than $5 billion, Benavides de la Quintana more than $4 billion, Romero more than $3 billion. They have become accomplices in the looting, as they are anti-patriotic, groups of traitors to the Peruvian people.

Each gang of assassins has the ability to commit crimes. According to the bourgeois press itself, a single group of assassins has killed more than 100 Peruvians. In other words we are talking about thousands of totally unpunished killings, which have the protection of the capitalists and the state itself.

These groups of assassins have the political support of the principal political parties: that of Fujimori, APRA [American Popular Revolutionary Alliance], PPC [Christian People’s Party], PPK [that of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski], that of Toledo and now the nationalist party of Mrs. Nadine Heredia, wife of the current President Ollanta Humala who, once he was elected president, unmasked himself as a servant of imperialism and is fully subject to the dictates of the U.S. Embassy.

Against this background the PCP ML proposes and develops tactics to organize and politicize the Peruvian people; to organize the peasant, worker and students masses and other popular sectors; to oppose the concessions and privatizations, to fight for the repeal of the laws that take away the rights that have been won: the law of “educational reform,” for the restitution of Law 24 029 for teachers, to fight for the repeal of the law “to serve” and restore the rights of state workers, to fight for the repeal of the FTAs. We fight for the repeal of the concessions and the law of “prior consultation” of Ollanta Humala who refuses to recognize the right of communal property and of genuine participation of the peasant masses who have been forced under threat of death to accept concessions and the subsequent invasion and plundering of their natural resources, the appropriation of 100% of the water by the mining companies and invaders in general..

Throughout Peru the masses are organizing to put in practice the resistance and political organization, to draw up a new political constitution at this step with the view of true national liberation and true independence. The independence of July 28, 1821, was no more than a change of rulers, a change from the viceroyalty to the government of the exploiters and groups of Peruvians in power who are descendants of the Europeans and their servants.

We pay tribute to our former General Secretary Saturnino Paredes Macedo, who died on March 24, 1996, 18 years ago.

CC of the PCP (ML)

Peru, April 2014

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