Letters of Bhagat Singh - 5

This letter is also written to Jaidev Gupta on 26th May 1930 in English. The stamp of Lahore post office is of 28/5/1930 on post card. This letter also needs no explanation. (Chaman Lal)

937 D/                                                 Lahore Central Jail

26/5/30 (jail no.)                               Lahore

Dear Brother Jai deo,

Today again I am writing this letter to give you some trouble which I hope you will not mind. Please see if you can arrange to send one fleet foot shoe for me. I think No. 9-10 will do. Chapli is too uncomfortable. Also please try to send it on Friday or Saturday through kulbir when he will be coming for an interview. Really it is very sad that I have not so far been allowed any interview with you. Had this impasse in our trial not occurred I will have repeatedly reminded the authorities to sanction your interview. Anyhow by the time this question is settled I will again try to get the interview sanctioned. Well I hope you will send the shoe without fail and without delay. These days I have got only one book with me a very dry one. Please see if you can send a couple of recent interesting novels. Please remember me to all friends.

                                                        Yours Sincerely

    D/ 26/5/30                                 Bhagat Singh

Address---         Mr. jai Deo Prasad Gupta c/o S. Kishan Singh
                         Bradlaugh Hall, Lahore

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